"Julie Balsiger, or “Jules,” as her friends know her, was called to study and appreciate life when she was young. Jules developed a fascination with light and water at an early age. This curiosity led to an easy yet profound appreciation for nature’s simple, often unrecognized, beauty. With photography as her ultimate medium, Jules has literally traveled across the globe with the intention of capturing the essence of beauty throughout our planet and sharing it with others. Jules’ passion for our world has engendered a love of learning—from languages to cuisine, she endeavors to appreciate the experience of travel in addition to the overpowering natural beauty of the places she has known. Her travels have also inspired a need to give back through humanitarian work and by offering her services to various non-profits. Jules’ friends often comment on her honest approach to life, including her art and photography. She actively surrounds herself with love, kindness, and goodwill. She returns this gift by creating images that bring us closer to her subjects, effortlessly communicating the sincerity, respect, and beauty of the moment. Jules works in both digital and traditional photographic media. She invites you to share in her passion by enjoying the images she has captured and seeing them through her lens- one of compassion, respect, and wonder for all who share our planet."


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